“We want to open up the world of yacht racing to everyone. We love sailing and yacht racing and want to share our passion with like minded people.”

“We want to attract, and enchant more and more participants and grabing the attention of an increasing number of people and of local media.”

It was only a matter of time to come to believe that our aim was to draw sailors together in friendly and social sailing events, and to introduce beginners to the fun of yacht racing. We always believed that supporting social events should have been more in the forefront, once you are competing with the ratings depending on the size of the boat, hence the size of the team and the cost of the financial extents and hard work to keep the team including the spare sailors in one place, all keeping up with the spirit of amateurism.

After many years participating yacht races , we found ourselves talking and thinking about creating a brand new project, where socializaiton is as valuable as racing and where newcomers with a thirst of adventure could expand their abilities to sail with the adrenaline.

Keeping the amateur spirit, the activity of sailing can be as intense or as relaxing, and even fun!

Professionalism meeting with amateurism…

The boat had to offer speed and ease of handling in all kinds of conditions as well as good acceleration and maneuverability. Be suitable for anyone but demanding good skills to beat the opposition, fun on technical courses and in match racing, yet suitable for longer yacht races.

Given the facts above, we decided to work with the world’s top racing-yacht design team who are long-standing specialists in racing yachts to develop Farr25



  • Innovative and suitable for the next 5- 10 years technology rather than today’s
  • High stability as well as competitorship thrilling to handle and as fast as 40 feet boats,
  • Suitability for match races – one of the most important factors of making the sport popular as one design races becoming more and more popular throughout the world
  • Highly competitive and high chance of winning at the ORC and IRC races
  • No diversity between boats – an absolute equality where no feeling of despair or hope of winning should be according to the intensity of the wind
  • Low costs at beginning and at througout the maintenance
  • Easy to keep at the sailing clubs and coordination of races within saliing clubs, without any distress of the marinas,