Given the many year’s of success of the Platu25 (Design Number 316) Farr Yacht Design together with OD Yachting Turkey decided to develop a new sportboat that fits the high performance needs of today’s sportboat world as seen by the popular HP30 class in the UK, the Cape31 class in South Africa or the growing HP Boxrule class in the US. Together both parties gave birth to a unique, fresh, and modern sportboat: the Farr25 OD. Even though the Farr25OD shares the same water-length with its older sibling, Farr Yacht Design 667 is very much different from the famous Platu 25: a t-keel, carbon mast and appendices as well as a completely new hull design inspired by the modern Volvo Ocean Racers and TP52s, make this design an up to date sportboat capable of not only winning races under elapsed time but to collect also silver in diverse rating rules such as Australian SMS, ORC International and ORC Club (as demonstrated by a well deserved second place in the 2015 ORC Sportboat Europeans), as well as IRC. Even though the boat easily reaches speed in excess of 17-20 knots, it remains easy to handle and provides plenty of fun and excitement to its owner. Boats are now racing in Australia, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany and have proven track record of not only being faster than many larger boats but to also win under handicap. This all comes at a reasonable budget and involves only a minimum of effort, as the 930kg boat can be easily towed around and brought to multiple venues a year with a minimum of budget.

Farr 25 – Design 667 – Designer Comments

The Farr 25 is an exciting, new Sportsboat currently under construction by OD Yachting of Istanbul, Turkey. Versatility, simplicity and balance are the hallmarks of this unique design. OD Yachting wanted a one-design that would impress advanced sailors with excellent performance yet be easy to handle and operate for the intermediate, weekend sailor. The Farr 25 meets the performance requirements with a beautifully shaped hull (developed alongside our Volvo 70s), an exceptional ballast ratio of 50%, a light displacement of only 930kg (2050lbs) and a displacement to length ratio of 77. Many Sportsboats are a thrill when reaching and running but become painful, pounding platforms when you turn the bow towards the wind. The Farr 25 has the power relative to weight to be smooth-handling and sweet-riding upwind. The 37m2 (400ft2) of upwind sail area is set on a carbon spar. The 64m2 (690ft2) well proportioned spinnaker flies on a retractable bow sprit providing plenty of downwind horsepower.

The Farr 25 is just a delight to sail and operate. From the recessed jib furler on the jib to the high efficiency rudder safely tucked under the stern, the Farr 25 is packed with unique, well thought out features. The 6 HP outboard motor swings out of a clever storage locker in the cockpit sole and can be ready to go in just a few seconds. The single spreader, carbon rig from Southern Spars is a snap to tune. There is enough space below for two bunks and generous gear stowage. The large, comfortable cockpit has all the sail controls within easy reach of the crew. The construction of the hull and deck and the arrangement of the keel and rudder are simple and efficient to reduce weight and simplify maintenance.